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Our Sunflowers room is designed to meet the needs and encourage the development of babies and toddlers between the ages of three months and two years. We have designated areas for the youngest children, which are bright and stimulating with soft, safe and clean materials. Cots are provided in a quiet area for resting times where sleeping children are checked regularly.

There is a separate baby-changing area used within the Sunflower room.

We actively encourage parents of young babies to adapt the child’s daily routine to their home life requirements. We then reflect this routine at nursery. 

Parents/carers receive feedback on their child’s day in a written report detailing bottles and food consumed, number of nappies wet or soiled, sleep times and activities enjoyed up to eighteen months of age. 


Meals and nappy changes of children are recorded on to charts and are shared with parents/carers at the end of the day.

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