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Making a place reservation

Parents/carers interested in placing their child with Acorn Childcare UK are encouraged to visit the setting. We operate an “open door” policy which allows prospective parents/carers to see the nursery as it is at any given time. We are proud of our childcare and are happy to show our facilities without the need for a pre-planned appointment. Prospective parents will be escorted into and around the nursery, allowing no element of security risk to our staff and children. Parents/carers are encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary to ensure that they feel comfortable with all elements of our care.

During your visit to our site, you will be given a Parent Handbook and Nursery Place Reservation form, which should be completed and returned to us if you wish to book sessions. This will detail your personal contact numbers, sessions and start date required.  We will use this information to offer a place to you and your child and book in a home visit to complete our paperwork. You can also download the reservation form below.


Admissions, Inclusion and Equality


Children – Acorn Childcare UK recognises the rights and needs of all children in its care and no distinction of race, gender, culture or special educational needs or disabilities is made when offering places to new children and families. Our admissions are based on a first-come, first served basis and a waiting list operates where demand for places is higher than places available. Whilst we would actively encourage parents to outline any concerns regarding their children’s potential integration into our settings, this information is used only to ensure that parents are happy with the facilities available and that Acorn Childcare UK is able to meet their needs.


Adults – Acorn’s adult stakeholders are: Committee, Management Team, Staff, Parents, Students, suppliers and all other agencies.

Acorn Childcare UK respects the views and attitudes of parents and will honour these views as much as possible, without prejudicing the wellbeing of other children and families.

Employees of Acorn Childcare UK enjoy full support professionally and personally within our organisation. Each is employed on the basic application and interview process, considering qualifications, ability, regardless of gender, culture, age, race or special educational needs and disabilities.

All students and visitors are made welcome onto Acorn premises and physical access to our childcare facility will always be assured.

Our full Inclusion and Equal Opportunities including Special Educational Needs and Disability policy is available to view within Acorn Childcare UK at any time.

Registration Details

A comprehensive registration form must be completed for each child. This contains contact details of parents/carers, emergency contacts, medical history and any additional support or safeguarding information. This document is our main source of initial information about your child and about where you are in the case of an emergency. It is therefore imperative that this document is kept up to date at all times throughout the year. Please note without this information we are not able to have your child on the premises. 


Home visits and Settling in

On being offered a place you will receive a home visit to book in and complete all the necessary paperwork. We also offer two settling in sessions for new children. This allows the child, the parents/carers and the staff the opportunity to become familiar with each other, and with nursery life. Often, this is the first separation for parent/carer and child and this can be a difficult time emotionally. Settling in sessions are a helpful way of supporting this transition. These sessions are an hour and a half scheduled prior to your childs start date. There is no charge for these settling in sessions. 

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